Introducing Myself to the Blogosphere

German Shepherd Dog Looking out over Lake HuronWelcome to my new blog!

Writing is a joy, so much so that I have spent the larger portion of this day attempting to navigate my way through the WordPress setup–just so I could get to this point.

My name is Cheryl Anne Groth. I make my living writing for others. Writing my own blog, on the other hand, is quite an undertaking for this shy soul. Not one to bare my inner self for everyone to see, I am stepping out into the Internet waters, stripped of everything but my own words.

My words will deal with topics such as ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder. Not easy to write about, nor easy to live through, but they exist–in me–and in so many others.

Not all of my topics will be so brutal. Some, actually, like posts on dog training, equestrian sport, figure skating, and cooking, may serve to be a light-hearted moment in my readers’ day.

Topics such as philosophy, music, and religion have the potential to lift one’s soul to think beyond one’s self, to explore, to dream, to dare.

I dare.



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